If I told you that I am 80 years old, yet I have never learned to read and write and do not do math very well on paper, your first thoughts might be I couldn’t possibly reveal any hidden gems to you. You might even think I am homeless or have worked in a low-paying job my entire life. Well, I am 80 years old; I cannot read or write, I cannot do math very well on paper, and I started with nothing. Yet, I own my home, am not in debt, have owned thousands of acres throughout my life, have a very comfortable bank account, enough to leave to my children’s children.

In this book, I will tell you the SECRET KEYS to LIFE that can lead to your success as well. Our Heavenly Father is The One who gets the credit, not me. This is the most important thing I want you to take away from this book. HE should first be your Guide in your life. To God be the glory. My story is a fascinating example of how God can take a poor country boy who cannot read or write and by His grace and His power allow that poor country boy to buy and sell many hundreds, even thousands of acres. This poor country boy was able to make a good living doing it; therefore, I can leave something for my children’s children, as we are told to do in God’s word. This is a story to let you know that with God’s help, truly anything is possible.

Truly, I believe that this story will emphasize to you not only God’s power, grace, and mercy, but also some of the keys to life that will help you on your path to success and spiritual growth. Yes, I have done well as far as a poor boy, nevertheless; I give God all the credit. He gave me the strength, the wherewithal, and the determination. I want this book to help anybody that has the determination to seek a better life. You must seek to find. You must talk to God. We must look to Him as our Father.

Email me at rufus_and.debbie@yahoo.com for my new book outlining these key principles of life.

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